Thank you for visiting to homepage of the Creta semi-submarine "Nautilus". This the name of our unique one of it's kind double hull ship. We invite you to take you on a tour to discover the underwater world of Agios Nikolaos on Crete (Greece). In both the hulls we have comfortable and air-conditioned environments, where you have the chance to live an unique experience. Looking through the submerged windows on each side enables you to see the beautiful rock formations and sea life.

...Welcome on board, we wish you a pleasant trip!!!
"Beautifull Trip With Boat"

It's really an amazing experience.

Our boat, the Nautilus is the only semi-submarine catamaran in Greece. Here is some info about our vessel.

Technical info:
  • Length: 15 meters. Width: 6 meters. Draught: 2meters.
  • Passengers capacity: 48 persons. Crew: 3 members.
  • Engines: 2 x 230 Hp Daewoo Diesel (460 tot.) .
  • Electricity: 1 Daewoo diesel generator 72 Hp. Tot 60 kW.
  • Speed: 12 Nm/hr.



There is plenty of comfortable seats in an air-condition enviroment for an enjoyable trip.

Have you ever been underwater staying dry?